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Lawns can quickly become overburdened with leaves and pine needles during the fall. And when it comes to your time, there isn’t much of it.

MGK Lawn Pros is the professional lawn cleanup company in the Central New Jersey area. We’ll not only remove the leaves off of your lawn, but we’ll also clean your gutters, clean out your flower beds, and dispose of the waste. In addition, we prep your lawn for the winter by giving it one final mow to mow it to height when it’s ready to come out of dormancy for the spring.

In the spring, we’ll come through and clean up any leaves that were left over, sticks, branches, and pine needles that fell from ice and snow accumulation, and even prune back any flowers or shrubs that need it.

Spring & Fall Cleanups

Lawns can quickly go from clear and picturesque to covered in leaves almost overnight during the fall. Then, during the spring you might realize that your landscape has taken a toll during the harsh winter months and is in need of a spring cleanup. 

Spring Cleanup Services

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Our spring cleanup services include:

  • Cleanup of pine needles
  • Cleanup of remaining leaves or leaves that have blown into your lawn from neighboring properties
  • Cleanup of sticks and branches that have fallen due to ice
  • Pruning and trimming of shrubs
  • Cleanup of flower beds including new mulch installation
  • First year’s mow

Fall Cleanup Services

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Our fall cleanup services include:

  • Leaf removal
  • Flower bed cleanup
  • Flower, plant, and shrub pruning
  • Gutter cleaning
  • Year-end mow
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Other Services

Lawn Maintenance

After your cleanup, you may want your lawn professional maintained throughout the year. Contact us today to get your quote on seasonal lawn maintenance.


Lawn Care & Fertilization

Supplement your seasonal lawn maintenance with a yearly fertilization and weed control plan that gives you the green and thick lawn you deserve.


Lawn Renovation

If your lawn is in need of a complete renovation, we offer the expertise to do so. From core aeration to power seeding, no lawn is too damaged for us to handle.



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