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Revitalizes, Strengthens, and Thickens Lawns

Improved nutrient Distribution

Aerating your lawn improves nutrient distribution by removing compacted soil. This allows the soil to settle and water to carry nutrients through the root systems.

Thicker Lawn Development

With easier and more efficient nutrient and water distribution, roots are able to absorb more nutrients and penetrate deeper into the soil layers. This increased nutrient supply thickens grass blades and keeps weeds out.

Erosion Prevention

A thicker and deeper root system keeps soil in place. With thicker lawns above the soil, there is less area for dirt and mud to erode away. This keeps the mud and dirt from reaching your sidewalks, driveways, and even entering your home with dirty shoes.

What is Aeration?

Aeration is the process of creating areas beneath the grass layer in the soil where compacted soil can settle. This is usually done through spike-like tines or core aeration. The most efficient aeration method is core aeration which removes complete soil plugs and allows the soil to settle better.

With loose soil, roos are able to grow deeper and water and nutrients are able to be absorbed into the soil and the roots system much more efficiently, thickening up your lawn and creating a healthy ecosystem rich in nutrients and hydrated soil. 

  • Remove soil plugs
  • Allows soil to settle
  • Inhibits root growth
  • Absorbs more water
  • Prevents water runoff
  • Roots collect more nutrients with increased water supply
  • Grass blades grow thicker and lawn grows denser
  • Fuller lawn mitigates soil erosion
  • Provides healthy, thick, and green lawn

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